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Detailed program description
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Down by 29%
reduction of company’s operating cost
The 91,5%
of participants who recouped the cost of the course within 26 hours of studying.
net income growth of participants.
2-3 hours
executive time freed up per day.
окупают программу уже на 26 час обучения
The above data is from an analysis of results and feedbacks from program participants.

The course is based on financial management technology that we have implemented in 5,000+ companies

Three key outcomes of the program:
  1. You will put your finances in order and get rid of unnecessary expenses while solving problems with cash flow and debt burden.
  2. You will increase the company's net profit and your personal income while increasing free time and reducing the affect on you brought on by financial stress.
  3. You will increase personnel motivation and productivity through the "bonus salary system.
What does the training consist of?
43 theoretical video blocks on building a financial system
39 exercises and tasks to perform during the course
An instructor who supervises and assists you during training
21 document templates that you will implement in your business
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Key actions noted by participants:

Махач Хайбаев
Makhach Khaibaev
Implemented financial planning and increased revenue growth by 200%.
Максим Гральник
Maxim Gralnik
«Gralnik Licensing»
Introduced a bonus salary system for staff motivation and reduced payroll cost by 23%.
Роман Мысютин
Roman Mysyutin
Quickly reached breakeven point and increased revenue growth by 22%.
Настинова Елена
Elena Nastinova
Freed up 3-4 hours a day for herself while increased revenue by 30%.
Николай Моисеев
Nikolay Moiseev
Hired 7 new employees and increased revenue by 55%.
Ольга Маркина
Olga Markina
Increased the number of employees and grew in revenue by 90%.
Молодцов Александр
Alexander Molodtsov
«Building base No. 1»
Paid off 70% of debt while making profit each week.
Фесюнов Павел
Pavel Fesyunov
Introduced a dividend fund, income increased by $150,000.
Байбеков Евгений
Evgeniy Baibekov
Reduced expenses and increased income by 50%.

The training program:

Study technology
5 hours
13 video lectures 8 exercises 3 articles
Fundamentals of financial planning
15 hours
12 video lectures 8 exercises 3 articles
  1. Purchase Order templates.
  2. Tables for creating your own Income Distribution Form and calculating the Break-even point.
  3. The financial planning procedure.
  4. How to set up your accounts system.
Income management
10 hours
5 video lectures9 exercises 6 articles
  1. How to handle accounts receivable and debts.
  2. The steps of Income Planning.
  3. List of rules "the secret of solvency".
  4. How to reach the Break-Even Point.
  5. The Organizing Board template.
  6. Instruction for handling debts.
Pricing and management
5 hours
5 video lectures 4 exercises 3 articles
  1. Merchandising and ABC analysis tools.
  2. List of steps to increase margins.
  3. List of recommendations for working with the product mix.
  4. Financial Director’s or CFO’s checklist.
  5. Discount instruction.
  6. Product classifier.
Salary and staff motivation compensation system
10 hours
5 video lectures 4 exercises 6 articles
  1. Statistics for each division of the company (30 pcs).
  2. Compensation points system table of calculations.
  3. 19 rules regarding finance.
  4. Staff recruitment instruction.
Final Exercise and Drills for course completion
5 hours
1 video lecture 2 exercises 1 article

Find out the current terms and conditions for participation in the program.

All training is based on your businesses’ actual numbers

A prerequisite before starting is to prepare several reports which you will use during the course.

During the course, you will create 4 tables and 3 policies that will continue to work for you from now on!
here are just a few of them:
  • The Income Distribution Form
  • Table identifying your Funds
  • Establishing your accounts system
  • Income Planning
  • Operation of the Financial Council
  • Handling accounts receivable
  • The policy for handling debts
  • Table for calculating the bonus compensation system
  • Statistics Policy
  • Discount Policies
  • How to attract potential new personnel
  • Vacancy description
Ирина Нарчемашвили
автор курса

Ирина Нарчемашвили

Один из лучших специалистов по финансам
в России, 17 лет своего бизнеса.

Действующий финансовый директор АТМ GROUP.

Тренер и консультант с 15 летним опытом.

Обучила 40 000 предпринимателей — рост
дохода от 40% до 300%.

Автор программы — «ProfitJet» Соавтор ERP системы — «ManaJet» Диплом международного уровня
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Business problems solved during training

Anna Kozlova,
Before to the course our employees were not interested in the company's growth or our competition or our debts to the bank and suppliers.
After training the staff offers ideas for increasing income, income growth by 30%, the outstanding loan balance has dropped by 30%.
Лариса Дубровіна,
«Golden Taurus»
Before the course we had no bonus type compensation system, no actual financial planning and no control over spending.
After training we completely switched to a bonus salary system and introduced the financial planning steps resulting in reducing our operating cost.
Nikolay Titkov,
Before training we all were working very hard but producing no result. Our expenses were way to high and the business could not run witout my direct involvement in every activity.
After training I introduced the bonus compensation system, our margins increased by 42% and I established the Financial Planning Council where my lead executives took responsibility for our profit.
Mikhail Grebenyuk,
«Grebenyuk Resulting»
Before training I served as an employee, not a founder. Our team had little or no understanding of the company’s cost and my financial decisions were based soley on intutition.
After training we have an executive council that freed up my time. The increase in income is 200%. We introduced the bonus compensation system for employees and reduced debts by 33%.
Scroll to the right to see the problems of the program participants
Maxim Gralnik

I set up a finance system and learned to influence income and to motivate staff.

I am sure that the course will pay off in a week if you apply at least 10%.

Максим Гральник
Makhach Khaibaev

Solved all fundamental management and financial problems. Income has doubled.

We still use the software provided by ATM.

Махач Хайбаев
Nikita Chelnokov

I withdrew from the day-to-day operational management of the company. Introduced a bonus salary system that motivated staff.

The acquired knowledge I gained and the materials provided are easy to put into practice!

Никита Челноков
Olga Tropnikova

I learned how to plan income and allocate expenses.

I was able to fully transfer responsibility for the company's finances to my executives.

Ольга Тропникова
Загрузить ещё

You are being trained online using our unique IT platform

During the training you are in in direct communication with the instructor: he helps you with practical assignments and answers any questions.
You will have an individual training schedule. Someone may complete the program within 5 days, and others may take 4 weeks.
Individual approach
The instructor will guide you through every step so that you complete 100% of the course and will have the ability to apply it.
Unique success rate
Reachability on the course — 97%
Each of the participants successfully develops a competent finance system for their business and leaves with a clear implementation plan.

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